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01+02 Feb 2020

Goa's first ever zero-waste eco-festival celebrating the culmination of a month long Art for Climate Justice Residency Program.
Wildbiyoo's mission is to carve out a place for communities to connect, create and recreate whilst fostering awareness, resilience and positive engagement to issues of planetary scale. Join us to celebrate biodiversity through eco-sensitive art, innovation, local craftsmanship and traditional cultures.


Wildbiyoo - sowing the seeds of change.




Saturday 1st + Sunday 2nd February / 12PM (noon) - 10PM
at Khaama Kethna, Agonda, South Goa
Art, Ecology & Healing • Kid-friendly


A percentage of the money raised from the festival will go towards enabling Arannya Environment Research Organisation to bring their fantastic work with youth and village communities to South Goa, as part of their adopt a school program. Arannya works with schools and colleges in Goa to explore and experience the rich natural heritage of the state and work towards wildlife conservation through research, education, outreach and action






BIYOO : [biYoO] [Goan Konkani] (1) seed, to seed, sowing seeds, (2) the source, origin, beginning of something, potential, (3) something that causes or stimulates growth or development, (4) a protective shell or casing for universal energy of life.

Wildbiyoo is committed to looking after the land and all of its inhabitants.  
Our policy prohibits single use plastics or harmful chemicals on site during the Festival. We source our food and materials from local producers and where possible, we use recycled, upcycled materials and contribute towards cleaning the local areas.
Wildbiyoo is a family-friendly arts and culture festival, nurturing a caring environment and community celebration free from alcohol and drugs. Collective harmony and respect for the natural world are at the heart of WILDBIYOO—join us to sow the seeds of change!





  • A two-day zero-waste eco-festival celebrating the culmination of a month long artist residency program around the theme of climate crisis.

  • A gathering of home-grown and international talent showcasing sustainable lifestyles, innovation, activism, traditional knowledge and local craftsmanship. A playground for hearts and minds to collaborate and converge, Wildbiyoo is a space to play, experiment, be inspired, rewild and revitalise. 

  • Goa's first ever festival for and about local community resilience to and awareness about climate change. A realm for wild explorations, conscious revelling, and a chance to join together in celebrating the earth with a jam packed line up of live headline musical acts, theatre, dance and immersive and participatory art.


At Khaama Kethna Holistic Wellbeing Retreat Centre, nestled in a tranquil valley in the hilltops of Agonda on approximately 12.5 acres of forest. Khaama Kethna is a creative forest village surrounded by an abundance of colourful flowers, fruits, medicinal plants, lush jungle trees, frolicking monkeys, butterflies and bird songs. The lush natural setting lends itself to deep creativity and the kind of quiet peace that encourages one to find stillness, holistic wellbeing and to embark on a journey towards greater connection with oneself and the outer world. The venue offers an intimate encounter with nature as well as yoga, wholesome organic food, healing therapies, Ayurvedic treatments, and diverse workshops. 


  • Create an inspiring and inclusive creative environment for people to connect and celebrate in an environmentally-conscious setting

  • Bring people together to engage with nature in a way that raises awareness about local issues and inspires positive action to the climate crisis

  • Provide opportunities for learning, growing and positive action around ecology

  • Give sustainable innovators, activists, NGOs and creatives a platform to share their ideas and build a network of committed local actors

  • Promote sustainable local crafts and produce

  • Provide opportunities for people to rewild themselves and local areas across Goa

  • Create a model for a zero-waste eco-festival that can be scaled up and replicated in other locations throughout Goa