André Soares

Performer & Installation Artist

André Soares is a creative practitioner, choreographer, mover, designer, sculptor, facilitator and eternal wanderer. His mediums of choice are choreography, performative processes involving objects, light, sound and sculpture installation for and with human bodies and other forms of life/nature.

Andre’s art is strikingly relevant to our time: a journey through (in)visible sculptures of movement, impermanence, experiences and exposure to Nature/Matter. He works with ancient sentient knowledge, draws concepts and movement related to the understanding of the ‘multiple body’ (beings) in different contexts, elastic notions of time, space and senses attuning to their role of ‘inner weather gates’. You can learn more about his practice at

Andre is a cameleon: trained in Industrial Design, he also counts a BA in Contemporary Dance, an MA in New Performative Practices - (Choreography and Visual Arts) and a Post-Graduate Degree in Physical Theater.

Residency Artwork

Symbiotic~Beings #PracticingBeings

[pause] Experience what emerges upon and with an open me(us). This artistic practice honours the wor(l)d ‘magic’ for kin~experiences — it is like a visceral blow to the whole body to be alive. It is a deeply relational opening to life. I notice the unnameable as a fertile field in which to engage with the invisible as visible. How do imaginations become matter? What is matter? What matters? What is wild, now? How to sustain experiences that resize one’s body [spirit] with an undeniable sense of beingness, unfolding provisory and endless processes that I claim as weather-beings?
Relationships as material, from fungi, mosses, plants, trees, decayed matter, animals, minerals, stones and humans as well as human-made connect now remembering ancient mutualism—a subset of symbiosis in which all organisms benefit from their relational~associations.

What if humans could also do a kind of photosynthesis? What if we could all breath love as light? What if we awaken the senses to transform fear and conditioning into love and light?


Could we join the Wood Wide Web’s existence? Could we increased understanding of its symbiosis—about where species begin and end; about whether human kind and jungle might be better imagined as a single super-organism, rather than a grouping of independent individualistic ones; and about what waste, trading, sharing, or even friendship might mean among all beings…