Ilaria Rosini

Food Explorer

Ilaria is a Business & Economics graduate from Italy, as well as a Masters student in Innovation, Sustainability and Design.

She’s passionate about finding out how innovation management can help consumers make more eco-sensitive choices by reducing the gap with producers, creating awareness about supply chains and incentives to source sustainably. Overall, Ilaria is on a mission to bring us closer to the origin of our food.

With climate breakdown threatening the survival of species as a whole — human, animal and plant alike — , the issue of food sustainability is pivotal if we are to preserve the planet for the coming generations. Rekindling a more direct relationship with food, built around low-impact methods of food production, is one way of fostering a more durable relationship with the natural world, as well as protecting the legacy of traditional cultures and local communities built around low-impact methods of food production.

Ilaria is a food explorer: she lives to experience new tastes and new ways of consuming food, pulling us into an age of sensible and sustainable food systems. She bridges the vast expanse between industry and palate.

Residency Artwork

Us on the plate

At Wildbiyoo festival, Ilaria set up a simple experiment - the results of which will also inform part of her Master's thesis. Placing a blindfold on each visitor to her stall, she would feed them raw components of kichdi, a staple Indian dish she'd prepared earlier in the morning. Then, after they had gone through the entire set of ingredients, she let them try a spoonful of the complete dish. It was such a curious thing to crunch on the grains of rice and lentils in their raw form.