Katy Sayers Green

Sculptor & Visual Artist

Katy Sayers Green is a British-Israeli sculptor and visual artist based in London. Originally trained at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford University. Katy also recently completed a MA in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts.

Katy works in the genre of figurative abstraction; creating large scale paintings that relate to real world issues. Her most recent body of work on the theme of 'Seeds', comprises mixed media on canvas. She often combines unusual materials and paints on unusual surfaces such as aluminium, earth, fresco, Encaustic (made from organically refined beeswax). Drawn to sculpture, she often uses texture or shaped surfaces within her work.

As an artist who loves the natural world, Katy is extremely concerned about the degraded world we are bequeathing to future generations.

Residency Artwork

Working notes from South Goa

During the residency, Katy used eco-friendly materials such as Goan clay, natural dyes and ash from the fire pits — all safe to the environment. Inspired by the surrounding Goan nature and the debris thrown up by the tide, Katy's work reflects imperfections (such as fishing nets on the sea shore) and alludes to a man-made crisis.

Her prevalent use of ashes on art material points to the destruction of our planet through global warming; however, hope is also present. Ash can, if used constructively, also fertilise and create new beginnings.