Kim Robertson

Visual & Digital Print Artist

Kim’s work explores the notion of reality and our perception of it. She’s particularly interested in the mind and how we can attempt to focus it in order to alter our perception, for what we see is not always what exists, purely our perception of it.

Kim’s images challenge our concept of reality. By portraying images taken through the camera’s lens she allows her viewers to contemplate another version of the truth. These images, then inverted, heighten our awareness of the ordinary, often revealing another world. More recently her work has been expanding upon this idea to include areas of concern surrounding issues of conservation and the environment.

Kim’s work is currently taking the form of digital print, but she also works with traditional print techniques, film or installation works: each project defines its own output. She has an MA in fine Art and has been based in the Middle East for 11 years.

During Wildbiyoo Residency, she expanded upon her research on rituals whilst considering the production of making, its environmental impact and how we respond to this crisis as artists.

Residency Artwork


Kim’s work has taken the form of an open invitation to participate in the creation of a video. Kim gathered footage of individuals at Khaama Khetna during her 3 week residency with Wildbiyoo, and she extended her invitation to participate to visitors of the festival. Participants were instructed to carry out simple energetic movements then asked to repeat them for a short period of time whilst being filmed. Her objective was to explore the notion that energy can be seen and captured on video.