Leda Yang

Installation Artist

Leda Yang is a Chinese-Italian artist based in London. Her work explores patterns and rhythms omnipresent in nature and mathematics: an artist’s take on Sacred Geometry and ancient channels of communication used by living and non-living material forms.

Leda deliberately works with the abstract, a way for her to create a sanctuary free from identity and eternal imprisonment in the physical. As a Resident at Wildbiyoo, she focussed on the meaning of reconciliation with nature, examining its imperative yet delicate balance through drawing and sculpture.

Residency Artwork

Earth Series: Untitled

During this residency Leda explored the various issues Goa is facing due to the progression of plastic consumption and its issues with segregation and organisation of recycling. This prompted an exploration of attention to the individual components of our environment and the organisation of its individual components. This is an idea close to Leda’s practice which deals with the pace of daily life and the how it impacts the way we treat material.