Sound Artists & Performers

Josefine Reich is a performance and installation artist originally from Austria, currently living in London, UK. She has a background in performing arts and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Acting from the London School of Dramatic Art in 2016. Through her studies in Acting for theater (Physical/Object Theatre and Puppetry) and film, she was introduced to performance art and experimental storytelling techniques. In 2018 Josefine enrolled at Metáfora in Barcelona, Spain, to focus on installation, poetry, storytelling and sculpture.

Johannes D'Amico is a Sound Designer, Music Producer and Sound Artist from Italy, currently living in London, and works for the music production company @soundtreemusic. Johannes' background comes from the hardcore punk scene, where he learned to value the free expression of emotion more than the aesthetics of sound and lyrics. During recent years he has been focusing on the feelings that sounds generate, more than what a lyric could be able to transmit. .

As Nebula Kollektiv, they aim to combine audio, visuals and performance, feeding off each other's different backgrounds, energies, experiences and skills. Using performance with the human body as a soundscape, they will find ways to express the abstract experience of nature with sound, storytelling and performance.

Residency Artwork

The Brightest Horizon

The Brightest Horizon was inspired by the Olive Ridley sea turtles nesting on Goa's beaches. After hatching, the turtle's instinct leads them towards the brightest horizon -- the sea, the stars, the moon. Nowadays the horizon has changed -- street lights, beach bars and traffic lead them astray. It is an allegory to human life in a capitalist society; temptations, depression and stress distract us from our paths. This performance/sound piece is not only about the guilt and shame that comes with being human, but also our innocence.