Nirmika Athalye & Jayraj Patil


Nirmika is an avid explorer of spaces through the visual medium. When she isn’t in the mountains, or under the sea exploring wilderness, she is diving into her dreams, understanding the human nature relationship. A Bachelor of Psychology, she started out as a wildlife photographer, and has now evolved towards becoming an adventure filmmaker.


Jayraj is an architect, graphic designer, woodworker and a filmmaker. He explores the themes of what it means to be a conscious human being through his work. He considers art as a weapon of mass education. He conducts woodworking workshops to impart the creative spark. As a filmmaker he has written and directed fiction shorts, documentaries, animated web series etc. He is currently writing his first feature film.

They are both are passionate about wildlife and look out for alternate ways to be more self-sustainable and reduce their footprint.

Nirmika & Jayraj filmed the entire Residency and Festival and are currently working on several short films on the Wildbiyoo experience.

Residency Artwork

Free Pass: Live Music in Goa [5 mins]
With Carolijn Terwindt

While foreign and Indian tourists visit Goa's beaches and night life, others clean the accumulating garbage and sell the fish that was caught in the sea. Due to its proximity to the ocean, Goa is highly prone to disasters caused by climate change.


While the lifestyle of most tourists is accelerating the climate crisis, fishermen and marginalised locals are particularly vulnerable to floods or changes in the biodiversity. This artistic project explores the radically different worlds of Goa that the tourists and those particularly vulnerable to the climate crisis inhabit. Our lives are so connected, but the connection is all too often invisible. How can contact be made and a conversation be initiated?


As can be experienced in any of the live jams characterising Goa's beaches, music is a universal practice that can create joy and community. But which communities are part of the live jams on the beach and which are not? The video traces an intervention that interrogates a highly unequal status quo. The results are sometimes awkward, sometimes heartwarming.