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Ravi: Mighty Chef of the Malabar Coast

Humans of Kankon #2: Ravi

Mighty Goan Chef Ravi is the freshest face you will see in The Tribe Goa Café. Ravi has been following the project's work on social media for years now and the second he learnt there was a vacancy in the kitchen, he rushed over from Margao to declare his allegiance to the project. Now an inextricable part of the team, Ravi’s zen spirit pervades through the cafe and imbues it with a local flavour like never before! 

Ravi, whipping up another batch of homely goodness in the jungle kitchen 

Why Ravi hunted down The Tribe project

Ravi has always had a deep passion for wildlife, with snakes in particular tickling his interest more than any other creature. Having seen our commitment to snake rescues in the South, he was thrilled by the opportunity to learn more about these mysterious, slithery beings. He often accompanies Alex on snake rescues and marvels at the intriguing nature of the oft misunderstood creatures. 

In his spare time, Ravi wanders around the jungle, spotting different creatures in the wild
Ravi’s connection to Kankon 

The lush and abundant wilderness of Kankon speaks to Ravi’s soul. Having grown up in the village of Majorda, playing amidst coconut groves and spending languid days exploring the beach, Ravi’s daily immersion in complete wildness was scarce.

Living in the heart of the jungle, waking up the birdsong and falling asleep to the sound of crickets and frogs, Ravi is finally able to dive deep into the enchanted forest of his dreams. He is also keen to explore Netravali and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuaries in his free time. He feels strongly about protecting the natural beauty of Kankon and is delighted that his three year-old son too shares the same love for animals and trees. 

A love for all creatures, especially the funky-looking ones!
One of Ravi’s many images of local wildlife

The quiet artistry of Ravi 

A man of few words, Ravi speaks volumes through his photography. He loves observing the many ways of every critter in the jungle and capturing them in photos. You should follow his Instagram account @raviographer to stay up to date with his latest intrigues!

When he is not crouched over a particularly delightful flower or worm, he can be found experimenting with local ingredients in the kitchen. With years of experience working on a ship, he has travelled the world and picked up veritable knowledge about global cuisine. He enjoys the process of supplementing foreign ingredients with local ones to make delightful fusion dishes. His true love though will always be cooking up a storm of juicy Goan curries. 

Ravi enjoying a dip in our lake

Ravi’s message to tourists who come to Goa 

Ravi believes that the true beauty of Goa lies in the jungles and not merely in the beaches. As much as he loves his scarlet sunsets, he holds that the gems of Goan nature can be found in the slow moving forests with their ancient trees and curious creatures. He encourages tourists to spend more time in the jungle, clambering through waterfalls, dipping into lakes, learning to climb coconut trees and devouring all the knowledge they can obtain about native trees.

Written by Aishwarya Shah

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